Disconnect to reconnect with loved ones through The Adventure Challenge.

Disconnect to reconnect with ADVENTURE CHALLENGE

What’s Adventure Challenge?

What’s the catch?

Scratch it off and discover! Adventure Challenge allows you to transform your memories into a scrape book after

Steps to use Adventure Challenge

Couples edition: Get spicy, be my hot sauce to my tacos!

Fall in love all over again! Let ADVENTURE CHALLENGE help you get started!

Running Solo: Single and ready to mingle

Step out of your comfort zone with ADVENTURE CHALLENGE!

Friend’s edition: Level up bffn to bff

Get ready to splash in the sun with ADVENTURE CHALLENGE.

Family edition: Fam jam to the next level.

Create happy memories with your family. Laugh with your family, and create loving memories with ADVENTURE CHALLENGE
Play more, love more, jump start with ADVENTURE CHALLENGE


ADVENTURE CHALLENGE, inspire new memories with couples and family

Ultimate Bundle: Couples, Friends & Family includes:

Get cheeky or flirty, or goofy with each new scratch with ADVENTURE CHALLENGE

Ultimate Bundle: Couples, Friends & Family includes:

ADVENTURE CHALLENGE Couple & Friends Camera Bundle

Friend, Family, Couple & Camera Package Includes:

Spend more time with friends & loves ones with ADVENTURE CHALLENGE!
Riding solo is also acceptable with ADVENTURE CHALLENGE

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